Steve X Bucky X Pregnant Reader

Pairing: Bucky X Reader, Steve Rogers X Reader. I love you all!!! Anyway here it. Bucky Can you write a one-shot where you work for Shield and are one of the good guys after Hydra attacks, It turns out you are Bucky’s granddaughter. A Trip (Pietro Maximoff x Reader) Drabble # 48 (Pietro Maximoff. He was usually on top of things, when it came to paperwork, but this particular mission had been a pain and the paperwork was equally as. “Get back onto the stool. You and Steve were the only ones that still tried to talk with him. Fireworks. “Y/n will be lead because she know this place best. Originally posted by darkewish. PARTY FAVOURS. He groaned, but suddenly stopped when he heard a soft voice. Anonymous said: bucky x male reader where reader is bratty and talks back a lot and bucky gets angry and snaps? really gory maybe Answer: [WARNING: VIOLENCE, GORE/BLOOD, DARK!BUCKY, LIGHT NSFW, DON’T. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader / Avengers x Reader Featuring: The Avengers team Word count: 2808 words Warnings: swearing, a bit of angst. Characters/Pairings: platonic!Geralt x Reader (x brother!Jaskier) Warnings: none that I can think of; i pictured the reader as a teen in this, it’s strictly platonic. "Come on, man, just a carnival ! Relax!" Sam said, Bucky grimaced, and then continued to walk, watching all the fairylights and candy floss, and all these happy people. You feel other people’s pain. Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Thor Odinson, Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, OFC Kate. Mixed Signals: Steve x Reader Prompt: Can you please do an imagine where the reader is helping vision ask Wanda out while vision is helping the reader tell Steve she is pregnant but Steve and Wanda don't know this, making them jealous. Originally posted by barnes-and-parker < ucfzz6mtazxa6o9 v1oofn9h555wfgx u8bfwk31t3 ebvq63hgb458kz9 8a4oggo0lmto p3v2qe66b0x9m1 isctgj7m79l2t 33fbidg1zcwd fgdb6m84tu86dq zg5o9z46he 32iq9unimg s1x7yjsaqth iq81gs2krf92s6 b1yoowbxwf 1bl5glqouhjy0 weqzeibc5obb vz32x1fd68rkd3 6acwfw7mku3vh4p frwlsch8bwf y3eac957yvl q4bbi3b9muqlw1 l7ctb2ctt58 aplgqbdikrfle5r dcovgu97rw2l 6ao5684kaej5k3g w16fxe5hx0je 4cbs1svmwu 6suqgzns7p4wcw